Reorganisation of Norad comes into effect

On 1 September, the largest reorganisation of the agency in 15 years will come into effect. Norad is now organised according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See the new organisation chart and new management team.
Norad currently manages half of the Norwegian development assistance budget, and has ambitions for this to be operationalised through strategic funds management, knowledge dissemination and innovation. The reorganisation of Norad, which was announced earlier this year, will aid the implementation of Norad’s new strategy. 


The SDGs form the framework for Norad’s work in the years ahead, and this is why Norad has now been reorganised thematically, according to the thematic clusters of the SDGs.
The technical and administrative competence in Norad have now been consolidated, and all grant management is assembled in three departments; human development, climate and environment, and partnership and shared prosperity.
In addition to the new departments, a separate department has also been established for knowledge, which will be involved in systematic knowledge management, development cooperation statistics and analysis.  

Key partners

Norwegian and international partners play a key role in Norad’s new strategy, and the partnerships will be a high priority in the efforts to achieve the SDGs in the years ahead. Our partners will now see a new Norad, including some new contacts and grant managers.
An email is now being sent out to our partners informing them whether they will keep their current grant manager or if a new one has been appointed. In some cases, the new grant manager will not yet be in place. The efforts to clarify the grant managers’ responsibilities are a high priority. 

New management team

The reorganisation also means a new management team. The new management team of Norad’s Director General, Bård Vegar Solhjell, now consists of seven departmental directors.  
  • Martha Haukaas, Department for Communications
  • Stig Traavik, Department for Climate and Environment
  • Paul Fife, Department for Human Development
  • Per Fredrik Pharo*, Department for Partnership and Shared Prosperity
  • Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Department for Knowledge
  • Rannveig Rajendram, Department for Operation Management
  • Liv Sigurdsson, Department for Organisational Development 
*Per Fredrik Pharo has not taken up his post yet. Until further notice, Heidi Sandvand Hegertun is the acting director.
The managers of the Department for Evaluation and the newly created Internal Audit and Investigations in Norad are not part of the management team. Svend Thorleif Skjønsberg is head of the latter, while Siv Lillestøl is the acting director of the Department for Evaluation.
Published 01.09.2021
Last updated 01.09.2021