Global Goal 4: Good education
Norway has actively contributed to the formulation and implementation of the UN sustainable development goals, particularly goal number 4 on education.

Norwegian efforts for global education yield positive results

Norway stepped up its efforts on education in development in 2013. This has resulted in education for over 3,1 million girls and boys per year in 2013-2016.

Education is important for reducing poverty. Over 260 million children and youths globally are not in school. Conflicts, natural disasters and other crisis are important reasons for children not attending school.

In 2013, the Norwegian government announced that it would double its aid spending on global education and take a leading role in global efforts to ensure quality education for all.

Subsequently, Norway increased its aid to education from NOK 1,7 billion in 2013 to NOK 3,2 billion in 2016.

The report Rising to the Challenge. Results of Norwegian education aid, 2013 – 2016, documents the actions taken and results achieved through Norwegian aid to education from 2013 to 2016.

- This report is important not only in terms of documenting the results of Norwegian aid spending, but also as a major contribution to the planning of education aid in the future, says Jon Lomøy, Director General of Norad.

Results of Norwegian education aid

The new report shows that Norwegian education aid in 2013-2016 has contributed to:

  • Over 3,1 million girls and boys supported in education each year, including 1.6 million in fragile and conflict-affected countries.

  • 11 million students provided with learning materials and over 8,5 million textbooks distributed.

  • 140,000 teachers trained so that children can learn in schools.

  • Over 5,400 classrooms constructed/refurbished in fragile and conflict-affected countries

  • In 2016, Norwegian aid to education in emergencies increased by 150 per cent.

Mobilizing global efforts

Norway has actively contributed to the formulation and implementation of the UN sustainable development goals, particularly goal number 4 on education.

In its efforts to catalyze a global response, the Norwegian government teamed up with the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, in early 2014.

This cooperation brought together world leaders to discuss global challenges in education, as well as the formation of a high-level Education Commission.

When the G20 leaders met in Hamburg in July 2017, the funding of education was included in the final declaration for the first time, and Norway contributed to this.

Norway has invested heavily in the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and strengthened the UN’s leadership in education through support to UNICEF and UNESCO.

A quarter of Norwegian education aid is channeled through civil society organizations, most of which are Norwegian. The report documents results in specific countries as well as in prioritized, thematic areas such as education in emergencies.

- A lot has been achieved, but there is still a great need for both more global aid and for a better distribution, says Jon Lomøy, Director General of Norad.

Published 14.08.2017
Last updated 14.08.2017