The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank will coordinate and strengthen institutional partnerships, knowledge sharing and transfer on certain competencies where Norway has particular or in demand experience.

The department’s goal is to strengthen the competence level and capacity in the public administration in our partner countries. The primary target group for the Knowledge Bank’s different programs is government institutions in the partner countries, but the civil society can also play a role in contribution to achieving the wanted results. The Knowledge Bank will collect experience and contribute to increased competency in knowledge transfer as a method, and will also share these experiences across the different programs.

The Knowledge Bank include the following programs: Oil for development (OfD), Fish for develeopment (FfD), Tax for development (TfD), cooperation on statistics, Norwegian Program for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED), innovation, research cooperation, gender for development (LIKE) and the institutional partnerships in the energy sector.

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Section for knowledge programs

The section’s responsibilities covers three program areas that are under development in Norad: Fish for Development (FfD), taxation and statistics.

Section for Research, Innovation and Higher Education

The section supports new knowledge, innovation and capacity development on research and higher education.

Oil for Development Section

The section is responsible for the secretarial functions for the Oil for development (OfD) programme, with the goal of assisting in economic, social and environmentally sound administration of petroleum resources.