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The following panelists will discuss "REDD+ in the Mayan region of Mexico: Can subnational programs be effectively linked with national results?" at Oslo REDD Exchange.

Rosa Maria Vidal

Director, Governors´ Climate and Forests Fund

Rosa Maria Vidal is the Director of the Governors' Climate and Forests Fund, she has more than 25 years of experience in conservation of tropical ecosystems and sustainable development in the Americas, working directly in forests and landscapes, as founder and Director of Pronatura Sur a well know organization in Mexico. Her work has lead to the creation of training centers and curricula, establishment of protected areas, forests and agriculture landscape programs, creation of funding mechanisms. strengthening of civil society and community based organizations. She has been actively involved in REDD+ policies and practice at local, national and international levels.

Jorge Fernández Medina

Forest Engineer, National Forest Commision – México

Jorge Fernández Medina (National Forest Commision – México) is a Forest Engineer, with more than 24 years of experience in environmental, agricultural and forestry sectors at planning and design of public policy interventions projects. He is the Technical Secretary for "Forests and Climate Change”, a project financed by the World Bank, and is involved in the design of the REDD+ mechanism in Mexico and coordinates the tasks for the implementation of the Emissions Reduction Initiative.

Rane G. Cortez

Chief of Party, Mexico REDD Program

Rane Cortez is the Director of the Mexico REDD+ Program at The Nature Conservancy in Mexico. Rane leads a six-year initiative to support the Mexican Government and local communities to put in place policy and practice necessary to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Rane has worked at the Conservancy for nearly nine years, first leading the Conservancy’s international policy work on REDD+ and later supporting work to reduce deforestation on the Amazon frontier.

Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez

Undersecretary of Forest Development, Natural History and Environmental Secretary of Chiapas

Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez is the Undersecretary of Forest Development at the Natural History and Environmental Secretary of Chiapas. He is responsible forestry policy of the State of Chiapas, and realization of the Law of Forestry Development and REDD Strategy for the state. Prior to this he worked as a
International Consultant at the International Fund for Agricultural
Development (IFAD) where he worked on the GEF project Mitigating Climate Change through Sustainable Forest Management and Capacity Building in the Southern States of Mexico (States of Campeche, Chiapas and Oaxaca).

Efraim Acosta

Published 10.06.2016
Last updated 10.06.2016