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The following panelists will discuss "REDD+ and Peace Processes: How can they be mutually supportive?" at Oslo REDD Exchange.

Moderator: Kerstin Canby

Director of Forest Policy, Trade and Finance, Forest Trends

Kerstin Canby is Director of Forest Policy, Trade and Finance at Forest Trends in Washington, DC. Her work focuses on the promotion of global trade and markets for legal and sustainable commodities. Prior to joining Forest Trends, Kerstin worked at the World Bank. She has advised governments and stakeholders on REDD+ donor programs and FLEGT initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Art Blundell

Former Chair UN Panel of Experts on Liberia

Arthur Blundell is a partner at Natural Capital Advisors, collaborating with Forest Trends on REDD+ & peace-building.  Art led the Panel of Experts on Liberia monitoring sanctions for the Security Council; worked with the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, EC on Liberia’s VPA negotiations, ADB to incorporate forestry into the EITI; Fulbright scholar in Indonesia, & AAAS Science-Diplomacy Fellow with USAID/EPA.

Frankie Abreau

Director,Tenasserim River and Indigenous People Networks (TRIP NET)
Saw Frankie Abreau is the Director of the Tenasserim River and Indigenous People Networks (TRIP NET) in Myanmar.
After decades of armed conflict and a tentative ceasefire deal, local indigenous communities in the Tenasserim River basin now face threats to their livelihood and culture due to an unexpected flood of investment. TRIP NET empowers forest-dependent communities to insert themselves in forest policy-making processes, and enhances their capacities for forest management and conservation through traditional practices.

Pablo Viera Samper (TBC)

Vice Minister, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Colombia

Pablo Vieira is the Vice Minister at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Colombia.
In line with Colombia’s commitment to green growth, Dr. Vieira has dedicated much of his recent time to leading the development of ambitious programs to counter deforestation. Forest conservation and sustainable use and results-based payments within the framework of REDD+ are among his top priorities.

Published 10.06.2016
Last updated 10.06.2016