International organisations/network

Norad’s Grant Schemes for International Organisations and Networks

The overall purpose of Norad’s support to International organisations and network is to ensure regional and international organisations’ and networks’ ability to influence national, regional and international decision-makers.

Information for 2018

There will be no open call for proposals in 2018 for the Grant Scheme for International Organisations, and only organisations invited by Norad are entitled to apply for funding.

A few selected organisations operating within areas of high political priority have been invited to submit proposals for funding for a four-year period from 2018.

The overall purpose of Norad’s support to International organisations and networks is to strengthen civil society in developing countries, and their ability to promote democracy, human rights and poverty reduction.

The target group for the grant schemes are international non-governmental organisations and networks. Norad will give priority to organisations founded in OECD DAC-listed countries, and projects which focus on the strengthening of civil society in developing countries.

The support for international organisations and networks is granted within the framework of current policy guidelines, particularly the annual budget proposition (Proposition No. 1 to the Norwegian Storting).

Financial support is subject to the annual national budget allocations.

Published 25.04.2012
Last updated 12.10.2017