The GLOBE Legislators’ Forest Initiative (GLFI)

This project will strengthen legislation and parliamentary scrutiny functions in a group of forested developing countries in support of national REDD+ efforts. 


GLOBE International



Total for 2013-2015:

4 500 000 Norwegian kroner

Total for 2011-2012:

3 500 000 Norwegian kroner

The progressive and early engagement of national parliaments can help establish legal frameworks that will underpin effective, equitable and efficient REDD+ implementation. In addition, legislators can help address corruption and promote transparency by scrutinizing government policy and providing oversight of international finance.

This project will continue the programmes of the four Phase I GLFI countries and commence activities in four further REDD+ countries. Each national programme will identify gaps and priority areas for legal reform, while working in close collaboration with the government. The oversight and scrutiny functions of parliaments will also be strengthened in support of REDD+ implementation. In addition, the project aims to further develop international dialogues on REDD+ between legislators on both a south-south and north-south basis. 


  • Outcome 1: Legislators in forested developing countries make better use of their parliamentary responsibilities (legislative, oversight and representative) in order to support the development and implementation of effective, equitable and efficient national REDD+ strategies.
  • Outcome 2: Legislators in forested developing countries receive a higher level of support in terms of capacity building and policy and legal advice in relation to REDD+, and develop greater networks with key stakeholders.
  • Outcome 3: Legislators from forested developing countries take part in south-south and south-north, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and relationship building activities in relation to REDD+. 


GLOBE International staff, legislators from forested developing countries and national focal points 

Published 22.10.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015