SECURED LANDSCAPES: Sustaining Ecosystem and Carbon benefits by Unlocking Reversal of Emissions Drivers in LANDSCAPES

This project builds on the results of the REALU project (Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses) and takes them forward in important and potentially impactful new ways including: (i) Scaling out the achievements of the project using tested landscape approaches and methods, (ii) Exploring and providing guidance on landscape investments through private sector and, (iii) Nested approaches to drivers, policies and institutions.


World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)



Total for 2013-2015:

25 000 000 Norwegian kroner

Total for 2009-2012:

33 900 000 Norwegian kroner

The project will contribute to the development and promotion of sustainable multifunctional landscapes that are climate smart (reduce emissions and human vulnerability by facilitating adaptation to climate change); are eco‐efficient (deliver on ecosystem services) and development friendly (enhance peoples livelihoods) through action research on landscape approaches to emission reductions with sustainable benefits that are done in an effective, efficient and equitable manner.


  1. Local and national readiness for landscape approaches enhanced by the availability and use of tools, methodological, policy and investment guidance
  2. International experience and lessons in landscape approaches to emission reductions with sustainable benefits increased through learning‐by‐doing in 4‐5 demonstration / pilot landscapes
  3. Critical enabling policy and institutional environment for landscape approaches enhanced at national and sub‐national levels through proper guidance on development of policy and investment schemes in the context of nested REDD+
  4. Local investment options and knowledge uptake for sustainable multi‐functional landscapes improved through the facilitation and promotion of public‐private‐partnerships and science‐policy dialogues, awareness raising and capacity building programmes



PRIVATE SECTOR: The Munden Project;

NATIONAL: IRAD, Cameroon ● INERA, DRC ● FORDA, Indonesia ● INIA, Peru ● and RCFEE Vietnam.

Published 23.10.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015