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Protecting forests by catalyzing corporate and financial reforms


Climate Advisers Trust

The production of agricultural commodities such as soy, cattle, palm, coffee and cocoa are known drivers of deforestation, as more than 70 percent of global deforestation is attributable to clearing land to produce commodities. Much of this deforestation is done illegally, enabled by the interests of companies and investors, and sometimes leading to the displacement of indigenous peoples and other vulnerable forest-dependent communities.



75 000 000 NOK for the period 2019-2020.

Success on climate change depends on stopping deforestation, which in turn depends on creating more transparency and accountability, as well as convincing investors and other key stakeholders to act on new insights that emerge from better data and analysis. CAT’s project works with various groups of civil society and private sector to create transparency about the different actors that are responsible for deforestation, demonstrate that investments in deforestation-based agriculture involve previously invisible but material risks for investors and companies, and to increase legal accountability for illegal acts surrounding deforestation.

CAT will develop a database where anyone can access information about companies, individuals, banks, investors and products that are associated with deforestation. The project is further working on conducting analysis and outreach to engage and try to shift financial investors from the worst actors of deforestation, and to create disincentives for financing and conducting illegal activities in the forest and land sectors.

Expected Results

The planned effect on society is that deforestation is reduced in select NICFI priority countries. The intended target groups are companies and investors.

The expected outcomes are that

  • Private sector is working against deforestation
  • Equity values of less sustainable deforesting agricultural commodity producers decline
  • Investors have divested from agricultural commodity producers involved in deforestation in select NICFl Priority Countries

World Resource Initiative, Global Forest Watch,

Global, Colombia, Indonesia and Peru

About the project descriptions

The project descriptions give insight in the NICFI portfolio for civil society organisations supported by Norad. 

The descriptions presented are written by the project partners. Only minor edits have been undertaken by Norad. Their presentations and conclusions do not necessarily reflect the views of Norad.

Published 03.01.2020
Last updated 03.01.2020