Enabling a landscape approach to agricultural production & ecosystem service protection (Productivity Pilot)

The overall goal of the project is to demonstrate that green growth is possible through high productivity.


Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)


How much?

Total for 2013-2015:

9 400 000 Norwegian kroner

Demonstration that green growth is possible through high productivity. If the project is successful, it will provide an evidentiary basis for the contention that growth is possible with intensive rather than extensive agricultural and forestry practices. It will also enable significant learning about what policies and social engagements enable such green growth.


Private sector change and complementary public sector policy reforms to enable shift from extensive-based agriculture to intensive-based agriculture; strong regulatory policies put in place to ensure protection of ecosystem services.


CPI intends to act in a catalytic role in Indonesia.  The implementers will be a consortium of private sector and public sector agents.

Published 21.10.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015