Addressing large-scale drivers of deforestation in the Mekong

The project focus on understanding and addressing large-scale drivers of deforestation from outside the forest sector in the Mekong region, and demonstrating land-use planning for multiple goals at a landscape scale.


Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)



Total for 2013-2015:

20 000 000 Norwegian kroner

Improved governance of land-use planning processes for large-scale development and forest conservation in the Mekong region, leading to a reduction in the rate of deforestation and improved wellbeing for local people, including indigenous peoples who live in forested areas. 


The project will have four main outcomes:

Outcome (1) Improved understanding of large-scale drivers of deforestation in the Mekong region and their impacts by governments, development partners, private sector actors and civil society;

Outcome (2 ) Planned appropriate policy responses to reduce the impact of large-scale drivers of deforestation with government, development partners and private sector actors and pilot implementation.

Outcome (3) Implementation of land-use plans by governments to meet economic development and forest conservation goals across four critical landscapes covering 2.0 million hectares of forests in the region.

Outcome (4) Established site-level models of approaches to protect forests and reduce rural poverty for at least 80 villages and 5000 households implemented by local people and governments. 


The project will be implemented by WCS through its registered offices in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam, and its team of regional experts. Forest Trends is the primary partner for commodity chains research.

Country partners: Cambodia: Ministry of Environment and Forestry Administration (Government), Vishnu Law Group (legal reform), Sam Veasna Center and Sansom Mlup Prey (community development); Lao PDR : Departments of Forest Resource Management and of Forest Inspection (Government), Land Issues Working Group, Village Focus International (community rights and land-use planning); Myanmar : Department of Forestry; China: Global Environment Institute; Vietnam : Forest Trends. 

Published 23.10.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015