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Long-term approaches in a changing world

The Norad Department for Evaluation launches its annual report 2021-2022.

In a world facing rapid changes and multiple crises, the need to think and act with a long-term perspective is pressing.

An annual report that provides an opportunity for reflection
The Department for Evaluation's annual report for 2021-2022, which presents the Department’s activities and published reports during the past year, provides an opportunity to reflect about the state of Norwegian development cooperation in some key areas.

"In the annual report, we highlight findings and observations from this year's evaluation reports that we believe are relevant in order to understand current challenges and that can contribute to strengthening Norwegian development cooperation in the time to come," says acting evaluation director Siv J. Lillestøl.

"We have selected some key lessons within three different topics: civil society as a partner for sustainable development, women's rights and gender equality, and learning. We believe that something these three topics have in common is that long-term efforts are essential to achieve good results. This is a particularly important reminder in a world facing rapid and extensive changes," says Lillestøl.

A comprehensive annual report
Among the publications presented in the annual report is a literature study of the role of civil society in the work against deforestation, an evaluation of Norway's efforts for women, peace and security and a country evaluation brief on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Moreover, two studies focusing on the aid administration in Norway are included. The annual report also provides an overview of the department's collaboration with international partners and summaries of evaluations of the Global Environmental Fund.

“We hope that this report will be useful and can contribute to learning," concludes Lillestøl.


Published 01.07.2022
Last updated 01.07.2022