New evaluation programme focuses on humanitarian assistance and the private sector

Increased efforts related to humanitarian assistance and private sector development are reflected in the evaluation programme for the Norwegian development assistance over the next three years.

- Both themes are getting more and more attention within the Norwegian development policy. Consequently, it is important to find out what works and what does not work in this type of assistance, so that future efforts can take advantage of this, says Evaluation Director Per Øyvind Bastøe.

Each year between three and four billion kroner of the Norwegian aid budget is allocated to efforts related to humanitarian crises. In addition, large amounts are allocated to long-term efforts in fragile states.

The initiatives to contribute to private sector development and job creation include both work with the framework conditions and enabling environments for the private sector and direct support to business activities.

Great interest for evaluations

The evaluation programme is developed in broad consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Climate and Environment and Norad, and with civil society organizations, researchers and consultants.

The new programme also includes evaluations related to climate change and environment.

- We experience huge interest for evaluation activities. Clearly, there are expectations that independent and systematic obtained knowledge of aid efforts can contribute to learning and improvements, says Bastøe.

Evaluating the breadth of Norwegian efforts

The evaluation Department carries out 10-15 thematic evaluations each year. The Department reports directly to the Secretaries General of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Climate and Environment. Based on the evaluations, the Department makes recommendations on what should be followed up within the Norwegian development policy.

- Norwegian aid efforts are routed through many different channels, in collaboration with several partners. There is a risk of fragmentation and disorganization. In this program period, we will therefore try to conduct multiple evaluations of the overall Norwegian efforts within a country or sector, says the Evaluation Director.

According to Bastøe, South Sudan and Somalia are potential countries for this type of evaluation.

Debate on Norwegian development policy

It is also part of the the Evaluation Department’s mandate to contribute to a constructive and open debate of the implementation of the Norwegian development policy. Therefore, the Department, among other things, invites to open seminars to present new evaluations. In addition to the evaluation teams; politicians, researchers and civil society representatives are invited to partake in the debate at these meetings.

- We look forward to a new and exciting year with gaining and disseminating knowledge and to engage in good debates for learning and improving Norwegian development cooperation, says the Evaluation Director.

Published 27.02.2018
Last updated 27.02.2018