Covid-19: How Norad is handling the situation

The Norwegian Government is now implementing far-reaching measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Norad’s staff is working from home.

A previously unknown coronavirus has spread from China to large parts of the world, including Europe and Norway. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Norwegian authorities are now implementing far-reaching measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Covid-19 has major global consequences. The development cooperation is greatly affected by what is happening now and Norad is monitoring the situation closely.

“International efforts are needed – where the main purpose of all national measures together is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in order to protect the weakest. We urge all our partners to follow the protective guidelines of national authorities. Preventing infection, together with the consideration of life and health, are the most important. A big thank you to everyone, who is contributing vital work to contain the spread of the virus, both locally and globally,” says Bård Vegar Solhjell, Director General, Norad.


The pandemic, and measures now being implemented, affect Norad's work as well as our partners’ work.

Norad’s critically important services are set to function as normal in accordance with our contingency plans. However, less critical processes might be delayed due to the situation. See what measures have been taken and how we will work in the unforeseen future:

  • Norad employees work from home.
  • All official missions by Norad employees have been cancelled indefinitely. Ongoing missions have been cancelled.
  • Norwegian quarantine regulations mean that Norad's capacity is somewhat reduced, but in the long term we are working to normalise the situation - in an abnormal situation.
  • All meetings and public events at Norad’s premises are either cancelled, postponed or will take place digitally. Efforts are underway to establish digital meeting platforms to replace events.
  • You can still contact us via the switchboard (+47) 23980000. However, we recommend contacting us by e-mail. Please use our contact forms for departments or individuals in our overview of the organisation

Disbursements will be given priority. We know that many of the actions our partners take are more important than ever. When it comes to ongoing or planned calls for proposals, efforts are being made to look at adjustments for these grant schemes as a result of the current situation. More information will come.

Finally, we again urge all our partners to follow the protective guidelines of national authorities, where life and health are the most important.

Published 17.03.2020
Last updated 17.03.2020