Open consultation: Norad’s Principles for Support to Civil Society

We are pleased to present you with our draft Principles for Support to Civil Society for your input. The consultation is open to all, and is not limited to our partners or other civil society actors.

Since the process was launched in March 2017, we have conducted thorough internal consultations, including all relevant parts of Norad’s administration. We are now ready to receive comments from our external partners and from the public, both within and beyond Norway.


The aim of the principles is to establish a cohesive framework for Norad’s support to and dialogue with civil society. They are to provide guidance and direction for Norad’s strategic planning of the overall civil society portfolio, including the selection of partners, program­mes and funding modalities.

They will serve as a backdrop for dialogue with civil society and other actors on developments relevant to civil society and civil society support.

We are grateful for any comments that may strengthen the relevance and quality of the document. Suggestions from actors in developing countries regarding partnership models that strengthen local civil society and enhance local ownership and legitimacy would be particularly valuable.

Address & deadline for submissions

Please submit your contributions by the 5th of January 2018 to the email address

As part of the open consultation and for the purpose of transparency, all contributions will be available on Norad’s home­page.

Submission format

We welcome any comments on strengths and weaknesses and any critical input on e.g. the choice of principles, the structure and the content.

We kindly ask you to limit the document to two (2) pages, including any suggested new text and references to the draft document. Depending on the number of submissions, we may not have the capacity to process submissions that exceed this limit.

For the purpose of efficiency, we strongly encourage you limit submissions to one document only per organisation or institution. We suggest that you initiate internal consultation processes leading to a consolidated document that is eventually submitted to Norad. Please state which segments of your organisation have participated in the internal process.

In exceptional cases where a member or part of an organisation has views that they feel differ substantially from those that are expressed in the consolidated document, it is possible to submit individual comments.

Norad will review the contributions and revise the draft accordingly. The work on the principles is a part of other processes and dialogue fora in which Norad participates, both in Norway and internationally.

The final version of the principles is scheduled to be launched in March 2018. Following the launch, Norad will engage in dialogue with civil society and other actors about the practical implications for our civil society support.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Norad / Civil Society Department

Published 07.11.2017
Last updated 07.11.2017