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til ToR, i email fra Norad datert 28. mai. (Se slutten av vedlegg 1). 9 “Independent evaluation of the E4D/SOGA”; Ecorys, September 2019 26 4.1 Resultatvurdering og lærdommer Arbeidsbeskrivelsen ... results the main report shall include a chapter on lessons learnt, which reflects the OECD DAC Evaluation criteria such as Relevance (right things done?), coherence (are the interventions in line with


Mapping of TVET interventions contributing to climate change mitigation.pdf

across Norad’s TVET portfolio. • Use Norway’s comparative advantage as a natural resource rich country that is implementing greening strategies to influence political buy-in and encourage demand for ... transformation of local economies, and what skills demands, training needs and opportunities are for each country • Highlighted that training modules in their programming include health, safety and environmental


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Donors to Partners? Evaluation of Norwegian Support to Strengthen Civil Society in Developing Countries through Norwegian Organisations 2016 E/ 1.16 Chasing Civil Society? Evaluation of Fredskorpset ... 2014 E/ 5.14 Evaluation of Norwegian Support Through and to Umbrella/Network Organisations in Civil Society 2013 E/ 4.13 Evaluation of Five Humanitarian Programmes of the Norwegian Refugee Council and