Annual Report on Norwegian Bilateral Development Cooperation 2009

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  • Utgitt: februar 2011
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  • Type: Årsrapport
  • Utført av: Norad
  • Bestilt av: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Land: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Burundi, Kina, Kongo, Øst-Timor, Etiopia, India, Indonesia, Irak, Kosovo, Liberia, Madagaskar, Malawi, Mali, Mosambik, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestina, Serbia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sør-Afrika, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia
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  • Antall sider: 126
  • Serienummer: --
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-82-7548-527-2
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This annual report provides a brief overview of the cooperation between Norway and 32 of the 114 countries that received bilateral assistance in 2009. Norwegian assistance totalled NOK 25.7 billion in 2009. A large part of this support was channelled through national governments, civil society organisations and multilateral organisations. Assistance was provided for long-term cooperation, humanitarian efforts, peace-building measures and cooperation on research and private sector activities. The three main recipients of Norwegian bilateral assistance in 2009 were Tanzania, Afghanistan and the Palestinian Area.

The 2011 allocation for Norwegian development assistance is NOK 27.1 billion. From 2009, this annual report became web-based and is not published in a printed version. This PDF file is a printer-friendly compilation of the country pages published on, per 8 November 2010:

Publisert 03.03.2011
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