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The following panelists will discuss "Progress toward reducing illegal deforestation, associated trade and other forest-related crimes" at Oslo Tropical Forest Forum.

Cesar Augusto Parra León

In 1997, he finished his university studies as Military Sciences Professional, at the same time he concluded his military, professional, technologic and academic training. Reaching his studies in Business Administration, Senior Management and Internal Criminal Constitutional Law Diploma and Armed Conflict, Human Rights, International Human Rights and Judicial Police, Master in Security and National Defense and Advanced Management Program. Outstanding official for his command and leadership in different units from the National Territory among which Antioquia, Boyacá, Caquetá y Santander.

Understanding the problems that are affecting the Amazon, created the “Environmental Bubble” being applying in a military context and formed by a different entities and agencies in charge of overseeing environmental crimes mitigating the biodiversity impact. This initiative was replicated in eight departments for its positive results in the Colombian region, at the same time, was exalted by the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos in 2017, as a model in the fight to counteract crimes against nature.

The active participation of the National Army in a different operational stage, has demonstrated the internal transformation of the institution, training our soldiers to take care of the environment using different mechanisms, becoming a referent model for the others military units, men and women who are replicating the same activities as environmental promoters in all the National Territory.

For this reason, the Great Alliance against Deforestation, a Sustainable Week initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Climate of Norway, and of which the media are part of, was called to join on 9 April. Civil society and the Colombian Government that seeks to sensitize public opinion on the importance of promoting actions to conserve the planet.

This effort has also allowed him to be designated by the Universidad Javeriana from Bogotá as an 'Invisible Hero' and was included in an autobiographical book in which he makes public his experience as an actor in the territory he has contributed since fulfilling his mission to mitigate extreme and multidimensional poverty, as well as betting on reconciliation.

On June of this year, he was an outstanding member in the VI International Environment Fair with a panel of experts in the city of Bogotá, consisted of Néstor Humberto Martínez (General Attorney of the Colombian Nation), Jhon Peter Opdahl (Norway Ambassador in Colombia) and José Yunis Mebarack (Amazon Vision Director). Until now, he has received 38 outstanding medals.