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The following panelists will discuss Kalimantan, Indonesia: The prospects for transformation change in land-use at Oslo REDD Exchange.

Moderator: Timothy Jessup

Senior Green Growth Advisor, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Timothy Jessup is a Senior Green Growth Advisor at the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in Indonesia, where his work covers forest and land based mitigation, including REDD+. Before joining GGGI in 2014, Mr. Jessup worked on REDD+ with the World Bank and the Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership. Overall, his experience in environment and development spans some 25 years.

Aida Greenbury

Managing Director, Sustainability, Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP)

Aida Greenbury is the Managing Director, Sustainability at Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), one of the world's largest integrated forestry, pulp and paper group. She is the chief architect of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy, which when announced in February 2013 committed APP to immediately end deforestation across its supply chain and to bringing sustainability to the forefront of APP’s operations. Aida is also the Board of Trustee of Belantara Foundation and Chair of the Private Sector Round-table at Asia Pacific Rainforest Recovery Partnership.

Daddy Ruhiyat

Chairman, Provincial Climate Change Council (DDPI) of East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Daddy Ruhiyat is the Chairman of Provincial Climate Change Council (DDPI) of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. DDPI  is armed with 5 mandates : (1). Formulate province-level strategy related to emissions reduction and climate change mitigation; (2). Coordinate activities in the area of adaptation, mitigation, and technology adoption; (3). Design East Kalimantan’s strategy to tap into the carbon trading market; (4). Measuring, Reporting, and Verifying climate related projects and regulations; (5). Ensure all districts in East Kalimantan Province adopt low-carbon growth strategies.

Herlina Hartanto

Terrestrial Program Director, The Nature Conservancy

Herlina Hartanto is the Terrestrial Program Director at The Nature Conservancy in Indonesia. She leads and oversees TNC programs that promote community forestry, sustainable corporate practices, endangered species habitat conservation, and jurisdictional REDD+ program. She coordinates TNC support to the Government of Indonesia in implementing the Berau Forest Carbon Program and East Kalimantan Green Growth Compact.  Before TNC, Herlina was a scientist at CIFOR. She obtained her PhD from Monash University, Australia.

Riza Indra Riadi

Province of East Kalimantan

Riza Indra Riadi is a Fisheries Engineer at the Bogor Agricultural Institute in Indonesia. She also is the Head of the Environmental Board of the East Kalimantan Province where she is Vice Head of the REDD+ Task Force.

Tiza Mafira

Bio to follow.

Published 10.06.2016
Last updated 10.06.2016