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Support for enterprise development in renewable energy in developing countries - Stage 1

This is a call for proposals under the grant scheme for enterprise development for renewable energy. The grant scheme aims to contribute to sustainable economic growth through access to energy, which is key for many developing countries. Consideration will also be given to projects in other sectors with a significant element of renewable energy.

Deadline: 07.03.2024 13:00

Click here to view the allocation of grants for last year’s call. (In Norwegian)

Grants are intended to reduce risk prior to investment decisions. Grants can support feasibility studies for renewable energy projects or training of local staff, as well as limited financing of project piloting. Applications for guarantee and risk premium in the long-term financing of renewable energy projects will also be considered (see section 5C of the call text).

This call is application-based and competitive, and open to any Norwegian or international private companies (see section 4A for full list of criteria). Applications are evaluated and weighted in relation to other applications and the call’s overall portfolio, and applications are only granted in accordance with the guidelines and criteria set out in this call.

The budget for the call is limited, so not all relevant applications will be successful, depending on application volume. No applicant is entitled to a grant from this scheme, even if all the formal and material criteria under the grant scheme are met. Applications that are assessed that do not adhere to the formal requirements of the call and grant scheme will be rejected.

Applicants will first be asked to submit a short concept note, as well as audited financial accounts in English from 2022 (or 2023 if available), and confirm that they meet the grant scheme’s minimum criteria to qualify for support (see section 4A and 4B). This will be referred to as “Stage 1” of the application process. Applications will be assessed based on criteria in section 5A.

Successful applicants will subsequently be invited to submit full applications as well as any other required documentation. This will be referred to as “Stage 2” of the application process.

Unsuccessful applicants at both stages will be notified as soon as possible.

The grant may cover up to 50% of the incurred project costs and the applicant is responsible for financing the remaining 50%. The minimum grant amount will be NOK 1,000,000. Applications for amounts under NOK 1,000,000 will be rejected. The grant can also not exceed ten per cent of the applicant’s yearly turnover.

All applications and relevant documentation for stages 1 and 2 must be submitted through Norad’s Grants Portal.

Published 16.01.2024
Last updated 16.01.2024