Enterprise Development for Jobs

Enterprise Development for Jobs aims to contribute to job creation in developing countries by stimulating the establishment of new business enterprises or expansion of existing ones.

Norad has cancelled this round of the general support scheme “Enterprise Development for Jobs” due to a reduction in the budget line. This does not affect support to renewable energy projects announced under the same call, as such projects are funded over a different budget line.  

The grant scheme “Enterprise development for jobs” is funded over two budget lines in the state budget – one for general enterprise development, and one for energy-sector projects. After this round of the grant scheme was announced, the Norwegian Parliament decided to reduce the budget line for enterprise development (budget line 162.70) by NOK 100 million. This budgetary reduction has affected our ability to provide funding for the “Enterprise development for Jobs” scheme, and it was therefore decided to cancel the call under the general support scheme. 

Support to renewable energy projects is funded through a different budget line (budget line 162.72) and is therefore not affected by this reduction. 

Norad is committed to continuing the important work of supporting private sector development and job creation in developing countries. The decision to cancel the current round of the general grant scheme does not impact existing agreements with partners. Furthermore, the decision is taken independently from considerations about the future of the grant scheme. Norad is currently reviewing our private sector support and engagement work, with the intention of maximizing impact and our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

About the grant scheme

Grants are provided to reduce risk prior to an investment decision. This includes support for feasibility studies, partner search, trial production, training of local staff, increase employment (local labour force), strengthening of local suppliers/value chains and local infrastructure investments.

Through such activities, the grant scheme aims to achieve SDG 8, especially targets 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6, 8.8 and 8.10.


The purpose of this application-based grant scheme is to support projects that stimulate and promote a sound private sector development in developing countries and enhance job creation or vocational training, ultimately contributing to reduced poverty. 

The grant scheme is untied, open for both Norwegian and international companies.