Q&A for invited organisations

Is your organisation invited to apply for funding under the Fish for Development Programme? Do you have questions to the call for proposals? See frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, we cannot not respond to your questions by phone. Instead we have gathered all of your questions on this page. We expect to utdate the FAQ regularly. 

Q 1: Cooperation with political party? 

Q: According to the call for proposals "The applicant must have established cooperation with a party or political organisation in the country where the project is to be implemented". The question is whether or not this is required?

A: This is not a requirement and has been corrected in the revised call for proposals in the digital portal for grants applications. 

Q 2: Regional approach

Q: According to the call for proposals "(...) the applications should primarily include one of the three priority countries in the Programme – Colombia, Ghana and Myanmar". Given that fisheries are rarely limited to national boundaries and regional approaches often being an important part of work on fisheries; how much can a proposal contain of regional elements?

A: As three countries have been selected as main countries these should have the main focus. A project with regional approach, including a priority country will be considered. 

Q 3: Considering other countries

Q: "Projects in other countries could be considered on an exceptional basis if the country previously has been engaged in fisheries development cooperation with Norway". What are the exceptional circumstances for considering other countries?

A: A project building on a successful fishery project, which is/has been part of Norwegian development cooperation will be considered.

Q 4: Duration

Q: Clarification: May organisations apply for funding of projects of up to four years duration?  

A: Agreements with successful applicants are expected to be sign in the 3rd quarter of 2018. We do not expect any funds to be disbursed after November 2021.

Clarification: The application form is now available in the portal for those that have successfully registered.

Q 5: Fisheries vs aquaculture

Q: Is it required for the project to include both wild fisheries and aquaculture?

A: No, it can be both or either.

Q 6: Nansen Programme

Q: We understand the research component must be executed with Nansen Programme? 

A: A research component does not need to include the Nansen Programme. The importance is that a project contributes to the output and outcome for the Fish for Development (FfD).

Q 7: Somalia

Q: Can activities in Somalia be considered?

A: Activities outside the three focus countries can be considered on an exceptional basis if they build on successful fisheries projects currently or previously financed by Norway.

Q 8: Risk Matrix

Q: Where is the guidance to the Risk Matrix in the latest consignment of documents?

A: This can be found in the portal after registration and acceptance of the registration. 

Published 12.02.2018
Last updated 12.02.2018