Fish for Development and civil society 2018-2022

Norad has invited selected organisations to apply for funding in response to the first call for proposals for civil society under the Fish for Development Programme.

Fish, other marine resources and the oceans themselves are becoming increasingly important as a source of both income and nutrition, particularly for developing countries but also globally.

Norway has substantial expertise in these fields, and we want to make even greater use of this in our development policy. Norway has established the Fish for Development Programme to achieve a more strategic approach to development cooperation in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture.

The overall objective of the programme is to reduce poverty in the partner countries through economic development, including higher levels of employment and improved food security and nutrition.

The role of civil society

At the global level, civil society organizations (CSOs) help promote responsible behaviour and normative international efforts, e.g. related to rights, participation in decision-making processes or through participation in technical consultations in the FAO.

At the national level, these organizations play a role as advocates, e.g. to promote a sustainable balance between “use and conservation”.

At the local level, CSOs can, for example, help strengthen increased production through education and training and a value-chain approach.

By invitation only

There will be no open call for proposals in 2018. Norad has invited selected organisations to apply for funding for the period 2018-2022, primarily in one of the three priority countries in the programme – Colombia, Ghana and Myanmar.

Published 26.01.2018
Last updated 07.02.2018