Climate and Forest Funding for Civil Society 2016-2020

The present portfolio includes 39 organisations and will run from 2016-2020.

The projects

Kart over skogprosjekter fra siviltsamfunn

Visit out digital world map to learn more about the climate and forest projects supported by Norad. See which organisations we support, where they work and what outcomes they hope to achieve. 

In the map you find results information about the projects from the 2013-2015 portfolio and information about the 2016-2020 portfolio. 

It has been documented that civil society so far has played a crucial role in advancing the goals of NICFI, both locally and on the global arena. Hence, Norway’s government decided to establish a third tranche of the climate and forest funding scheme to civil society, for the period of 2016-2020.

The civil society partners selected for the 2016-2020 portfolio will work in 11 countries. 

There are four thematic areas for the present project period: 

  1. Efforts directed at the private sector
  2. The international climate negotiations 
  3. The rights of indigenous peoples and other local populations 
  4. Combatting illegalities and corruption in the forestry sector

Outcomes for the project period

  1. Incentives to achieve REDD+ efforts are established through the new international climate regime and/or other climate, environment and development funding streams.

  2. Governments in targeted developing countries have implemented REDD+ related policies, measures and safeguards, such as policies for green growth, sustainable livelihoods, land use-planning, the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and women’s rights.

  3. Private sector actors have implemented social and environmental policies and practices that reduce the pressure on forests, and are engaged in global public private partnerships to reduce deforestation.
Map that shows 11 focus countries for support to civil society through NICFI 2016-2020
The Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) supports civil society organizations in 11 focus countries in the grant period 2016-2020.
Photo: Neolab for Norad
Published 14.10.2014
Last updated 13.06.2016