Creating Demand for REDD+

Conservation of the world’s remaining tropical forests is a crucial and urgent component of reducing the emissions from heat-trapping gases in order to hold the mean global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius, widely regarded as the tipping point beyond which climate change will become rapid and irreversible. It is in the self-interest of rich countries to offer incentives for such forest conservation and advances in remote monitoring using satellite data make it possible to verify compliance, making forest conservation a perfect candidate for pay-for-performance financing. 


Center for Global Development (CGD) and Climate Advisers



2013: 10 000 000 Norwegian kroner

2014: 10 000 000 Norwegian kroner

2015: 10 000 000 Norwegian kroner

To date the vast majority of results-based finance has come from just one country: Norway. This project aims to address this problem by building a political and technical consensus in favor of greatly increased finance of REDD+, and to catalyze a shift toward results-based finance for REDD+. This additional and more effective finance will help trigger the target impact: fast and durable reductions in emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in tropical developing countries, for the benefit of people and climate.


This project will contribute to a major global increase in finance for REDD+.  It will also contribute to a sharp shift towards results-based finance for REDD+, thereby increasing the effectiveness of REDD+ financing. 

With global climate negotiations and the emergence of robust global/regional compliance markets for REDD+ taking longer than originally expected, scaling up results-based resources for REDD+ from all available sources (foreign aid, as well as other more innovative public and private finance) is vitally important not only to the success of the Norway International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) but also to the world as a whole. CGD and Climate Advisers’ theory of change for achieving these outcomes is constituted of three strategies: global, US, and Indonesia. 

The outcomes for each include increased REDD+ finance and a greater portion of finance through results-based mechanisms. We also seek to increase global awareness and utilization of monitoring tools, to increase the portion of US finance flowing to priority countries, and to increase donor-country understanding of the successes of results-based finance in Indonesia.

Success in this project would result in both more financing and more effective use of those funds to create incentives for tropical forest countries to conserve their forests, thereby substantially reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and extending the narrow window of opportunity for the major emitters to reach the broader agreement that will ultimately be needed to avert climate catastrophe. 


CGD and Climate Advisers will work collaboratively across major aspects of the project. 

Published 23.10.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015