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Seminar: Should the World Bank Remain a Human Rights Free Zone?

The World Bank’s understanding of the importance of human rights seems to be growing. However, an explicit reference to human rights and the application of a human rights-based approach remains limited. Why is it so tricky for the World Bank to deal with human rights?

On the one hand, the World Bank promotes social inclusion, equality, and non-discrimination by, for instance, improving poor and vulnerable people’s access to services and benefits – such as education, health, affordable energy, employment, and financial services.

On the other hand, the World Bank still seems reluctant to say the two crucial words: HUMAN RIGHTS, out loud.

Why is that? And why should (or shouldn’t) the World Bank integrate human rights in its approach? What is the link between human rights and economic development?

On Thursday, Norad is hosting a seminar to discuss the World Bank’s (lack of) engagement on human rights. We will look at the evolution of this agenda over time, and how it relates to global challenges that the Bank is addressing today.

When: 2. november kl 10:00 - 11:45 

Where: Norad Informasjonssenter, Bygdøy Alle 2, Oslo, 5. floor


  • Nikolas Myint, Global Lead on Social Cohesion and Resilience in the World Bank. 
  • Nina Reiners, Associate Professor at Norwegian Center for Human Rights.
  • Petter Vilsted, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Norfund.

Moderator: Nina Bull Jørgensen, Senior Communication Adviser in Norad.

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Published 20.10.2023
Last updated 20.10.2023