Planned evaluations

Here you will find an overview of evaluations that are planned, in a preparatory stage or ongoing.

The planned evaluations are indicated in the three-year evaluation programme.

The programme is revised once a year, and new evaluations may be added and already listed evaluations may be removed.

A list of evaluations for which preparation has started, or which are put out on tender or ongoing, is found on this site. The list may not be updated; if you are interested in a particular evaluation please send us an email to the person in charge (if indicated) or to the Evaluation Department.

Evaluations are normally put out on international tender via Doffin, mirrored at Tender Electronic Dailt (TED). If you wish to be notified about calls for tenders, please send an e-mail to the Evaluation Department to be registered.

Below is an overview of evaluations currently being planned, projects where terms of reference are being developed and evaluations that are put to tender. You will also find evaluations where the evaluation team has signed the contract, and the work is currently being executed.