Norad’s Whistleblowing channel

Internal Audit and Investigations (Whistleblowing Channel) manages cases related to suspicion of financial irregularities within Norad’s grant management and alerts of harassment by Norad's partners. Other alerts or notifications relating to our employees are handled by the Norad’s Department for Organisational Development.

If you have any suspicions of financial irregularities, harassments or other misconduct, this should be reported to Norad’s Whistleblowing Channel or Norad’s external reporting channel managed by EY.

Whistleblowing about other misconduct such as bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination involving Norad employees is handled by Norad's Department for Organisational Development.

Please see Norad’s whistleblowing poster for more information on reporting on misconduct: Whistleblowing poster

Report to Norad

Norad's Internal Audit and Investigations can be reached via:

When reporting directly to Norad via, please use Norad’s report form for whistleblowing. Note: The report should be submitted as a Word document.

Regardless of the channel you use, you can decide to remain anonymous or not.

Report to the external whistleblowing channel

In the case of suspicion of financial irregularities related to grants from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please go to Whistleblowing in the Foreign Service.

The external whistleblowing channel is operated by EY. 

You decide yourself whether to submit an anonymous report, but if you wish you may also include your name and contact information. If you submit your name and contact information, it enables further contact with you. It will often be necessary to pose additional questions regarding the irregularities that are reported. Norad and EY are subject to a strict duty of confidentiality regarding your contact information.  

It is possible to remain anonymous to all parties (including your employer) even though your contact information is known to the EY whistleblowing unit. If you choose to reveal your identity to EY, but not to Norad, the EY whistleblowing unit will contact you to follow up on your report. I case of suspicion of illegal, unethical, or unacceptable circumstances, report may be made via one of these channels that are all managed by EY: 

Via web:

Electronic report form

By letter:

Ernst & Young AS
Att: Granskingsenheten (Forensics), Oslo Atrium
Postboks 1156 Sentrum
NO-0107 Oslo

By phone:

+ 47 24 00 20 14

Working days, 08 – 16
(Central European Time)

QR-kode for web form:


Scan and use handheld unit such as mobile phone or tablet

Published 24.10.2012
Last updated 14.01.2022