Department for Climate, Energy and Environment

The international development agenda has increasingly taken in to account the link between access to global common resources and economic development.

The topics related to climate, energy and environment is essential in a development perspective of a country. The department is responsible for quality assurance and professional advice on these areas of expertise to Norwegian development actors.

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Section for Climate, Forest and Green Economy

Within the area of climate change, the section covers climate negotiations, climate financing and the Green Climate Fund. The section also covers issues related to green economy, especially related to development policies and the transition to a low carbon society. Furthermore the section administers parts of NORAD’s work with The Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative and provides technical advice on development aspects of REDD +. The section is also working on issues such as biodiversity and global processes related to sustainable development.

Section for Environment and Food Security

The subject areas for this section are food security, agriculture, fisheries and environmental cooperation. The Rome-based multilateral food security organizations are key actors. Agricultural efforts are linked to international agricultural research, including the CGIAR system and GCDT as well as climate adaptation and climate services. Within fisheries lies the work with bilateral fisheries cooperation, the EAF Nansen Program, illegal fishing, aquaculture and fish farming. Environmental cooperation is related to bilateral environmental programs and natural resource management.

Section for Renewable Energy

Section for Renewable Energy is responsible for questions of energy availability, and the development of the energy sector, to migrate from non-renewable to renewable energy.