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There is a significant risk associated with this type of engagement. Risks are particularly associated with possibilities of harming people and the environment, lack of results, non-compliance, unintended negative consequences of the engagement and duty of care.

The strategic framework for Norwegian engagement in fragile states and regions emphasises that Norway should have a high tolerance for risks, but at the same time adhere to principles of “do no harm”. A soon to be released evaluation of Norway's engagement in Somalia find that Norway has a high tolerance of risk taking in fragile situations.

The purpose of the debate is to discuss what risk assessments Norway makes prior to and during engagements in such settings? What is acceptable risk? How can the objective of being a long-term and transparent partner be combined with a high degree of risk willingness? Where do we draw the line?


The evaluation has been carried out by Tana Copenhagen. Team leader Erik Bryld presents findings from the evaluation related to risk. The debate is lead by journalist Maren Sæbø.

Participant are welcome to ask questions online during the webinar. The webinar will be held in English.

Everyone who registers for the webinar, will receive a link to the streaming in advance on 29 October.

Managing risks in fragile states

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