The role of research in solving global health challenges

Norad and the Research Council of Norway invite you to a seminar bridging the gap between policy and research and solving the global health challenges.
Apr. 26 2019

7:00 - 10:00

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Bygdøy allé 2, 0257 Oslo

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GLOBVAC- Global health and vaccination research programme – has recently funded seven new project spanning topics of HIV/AIDS prevention, influenza vaccines for pregnant women, school dengue prevention, malaria prevention, childhood alcohol abuse and informed health choices among youth.
How can these projects contribute to Norwegian policy on global health, and how can research results be taken up in future policy work done by Norad, local governments, NGO's and other relevant stakeholders?
The Research Council of Norway and Norad invite you to this short seminar bringing policy makers and researchers together as a means to bridge the gap between policy and research.
The researchers will inform about the expected results of their projects, and both the presenters and participants of the seminar are challenged to reflect upon how the projects can be relevant to Norwegian policy on global health, the Sustainable Development Goals and how the results can be utilized in policy.
The seminar will be held in English and is open to all interested.
A light lunch will be served.


09:00: Welcome – by Norad and the Research Council of Norway
Presentations of the 7 new projects funded by GLOBVAC (5 minutes each)
09:20: Group 1: Involving children and youth
  • Project 1: School and community-based student-driven dengue vector control and monitoring in Myanmar: A cluster randomized controlled trial – by Hans J. Overgaard, NMBU
  • Project 2: Enabling sustainable public engagement in improving health and health equity – by Andrew Oxman, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Project 3: TREAT; Child alcoholism in Eastern Uganda: Screening, diagnostics, risk factors and handling of children drinking alcohol in Uganda – by Ingunn Engebretsen, University of Bergen
Followed by Q & A (20 minutes)
09:55 Group 2: Preventing and treating infectious diseases
  • Project 4: An effectiveness trial (phase IV) to evaluate protection of children and pregnant women by influenza vaccine in rural Bangladesh - Rebecca Jane Brox Brokstad, University of Bergen
  • Project 5: Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine for the Chemoprevention of Malaria in Children with Sickle Cell Anaemia in eastern and southern Africa - Bjarne Robberstad, University of Bergen

Followed by Q & A (15 minutes)

10:15 Group 3: HIV/AIDS

  • Project 6: Developing HIV broadly neutralising antibodies as a prevention product for global access through antibody half-life extension engineering - Jan Terje Andersen, University of Oslo
  • Project 7: - PREPTA: Pragmatic Trial for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Roll-Out in Tanzania - Elia Mbaga/Kåre Moen, University of Oslo
Followed by Q & A (15 minutes)
10:45 Light lunch and mingling.