Launching Seminar: NORHED Results Report 2014

What are the key results from the NORHED programme so far? New report examines the NORHED programme portfolio.
Feb. 10 2016

11:00 - 13:00

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6th floor

Ruseløkkveien 26, 0251 Oslo

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The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Building in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED) aims at strengthening the capacity of higher education institutions in Low and Middle income countries.

The NORHED programme portfolio consists of 46 projects within 6 sub-programme areas, running from 2013-2018. The projects’ first progress reports, covering 2013-2014, were completed in 2015 and form the basis for this report.

The purpose of the NORHED report is to aggregate project results and achievements from the first year of project implementation to the programme level. The intention is to give an overview of NORHED activities, key achievements and results, but also report on general challenges and risk factors.

In addition, the report includes an assessment of the NORHED reporting mechanism and gives recommendations for improvements at programme level.

The report is valuable for further monitoring of the NORHED programme and mapping potential improvement areas in the reporting tools.

What are the key results from the NORHED programme so far? Are we able to achieve the desired results? What are the main challenges? These issues are addressed in the report and will be discussed further at the meeting.

The report is performed by Fafo, commissioned by Norad.


Opening and introduction

  • Jon Lomøy, Norad Director General
  • Kårstein Måseide, Head of Section, Section for Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Norad

Presentation of the report

  • Tewodros Kebede, Senior Researcher, Fafo


  • Tor Halvorsen, Associate Professor, Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen
  • Ingunn Tysse Nakkim, Senior Adviser, Department of Quality Assurance, Norad
  • Jorun Nossum, NORHED coordinator, Section for Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Norad

Open discussion

The seminar will be in English.