Climate Change Risk Management – ‘Climate Proofing’ : Practical Guide

Published:January 2010 by Norad
Carried out by:Hans Olav Ibrekk
Tags:Climate and environment


Supporting guidance on climate change to be undertaken as part of the "Assessment of Sustainability/Key Risk Factors. Practical Guide", as described in the Development Cooperation Manual.

In order to take climate change into consideration, the risk assessment of development programmes will have to address not only the effects of development cooperation on the environment, but also the impacts that imminent climate-related changes have on development cooperation, including indirect socio-economic impacts. Climate change will affect all aspects of development cooperation. It may increase the risk of failure, as well as affect the vulnerability of development aid recipients. Development cooperation must be 'climate proof ', i.e. must be protected from negative impacts of climate change, climate variability, and extreme weather events.

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