Summary: Review of Policies, Practice and Impacts of relevance to Norwegian Partner Countries - The Economic Case for Investing in Environment

Published:May 2007 by Norad
Carried out by:Mr. Stein Hansen, Nordic Consulting Group AS
Series:Norad report: Discussion 6b/2007
Tags:Climate and environment


There is a growing body of empirical and factual evidence of the strong links between environment and poverty alleviation. Speeding progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will require stepping up attention to and investment in the environment. Investing in sound and equitable environmental management makes good economic sense, and a major scaling-up of worldwide investment in the environment is essential for reating
the opportunities that people need to lift themselves out of poverty. Increased investment alone is not enough, however. To be effective, investment must be accompanied by the empowerment of communities, local governments and the private sector to lead local development efforts. Of particular importance is the need for governance and policy reforms that extend to poor people secure property and user rights over the environmental assets that provide
their livelihoods and that ensure a greater voice in decisions affecting how these assets are managed.

The following report on "The Economic Case for Investing in Environment. A Review of Policies, Practice and Impacts of relevance to Norwegian Partner Countries" makes an important contribution to the debate about poverty-environment relationships by documenting and evaluating the economic evidence surrounding investment in environmental assets as a strategy for fighting poverty. The report has been prepared by Stein Hansen of Nordic Consulting Group AS (NCG Norway) under a framework contract between Norad and NCG Norway. The report is published in two volumes. This volume contains the Executive Summary and Key Conclusions, presenting the Consultants' findings and conclusions. These are based on a comprehensive review of available research and reports from the range of involved development cooperation institutions and research institutions.

The publication is only available in digital format.

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