Review of Support to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, REEEP

Published:August 2014 by Norad
Commissioned by:Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Carried out by:Ueli Meier, Jarle Haarstad, Scanteam
Series:Norad collected reviews 8/2014


The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) was established after the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. REEEP is a public private partnership, registered as an NGO under Austrian law.

REEEP supports small projects promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. The organization sees itself as a catalyst for scaling up clean energy business models in developing countries and emerging markets. The organization plays a central role in promoting policy and regulations that provides incentives for and enables private sector investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

REEEP operates through a mechanism of call for proposals, and seeks especially to scale-up successful business models for clean energy, through decentralized and off grid generation. So far, 185 projects have been approved in 58 countries.

Norway has supported REEEP since 2006, with a total amount of NOK 61.5 million. During the last two years REEEP has gone through some organizational changes, and developed a new strategy. In light of this Norway in partnership with Switzerland (one of REEEP’s other main funders – EUR 2 mill.) decided to carry out a review of REEEP. The review should assess to what extent REEEP has reached its objectives, and to appraise REEEP’s new strategy, which includes the establishment of a new Phased Finance Facility in collaboration with the Climate Technology Initiative’s (CTI) Private Finance Advisory Network (PFAN). The review report intends to inform future decisions on continued support to REEEP.

Norad was tasked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out the review of REEEP.

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