Evaluation programme 2013-2015

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Published:February 2013
Carried out by:Norad


The work of the Evaluation Department is governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ instructions for the evaluation activity in Norwegian aid management’ of 29 May 2006. The department is responsible for initiating and organising independent evaluations of Norwegian development assistance.

The programme is a three-year plan that is revised once a year. The programme is decided with attention to the criteria of significance, uniqueness and risk given by the Regulations on Financial Management in Central Government.

The Evaluation department is responsible for the management and quality of the evaluation process and products. The evaluations are conducted by independent researchers and consultants selected in accordance with Norwegian rules for public procurement, i.e. normally through international tenders.

The Evaluation Department aims to evaluate the main parts of the development cooperation budget over a period of four to five years. Furthermore we aim to achieve a good balance between thematic evaluations, programme and policy evaluations, and evaluations of development aid systems and channels. In the 2013-2015 programme we aim to pursue a strong focus on evaluations seeking to provide answers when it comes to the results and impact of Norwegian supported interventions and initiatives, and to critically assess the structures in place to achieve results.

The programme is tentative and may be changed if and when new needs arise. Please visit the links for updates and a more detailed information of planned and on-going evaluations.

The publication is only available in digital format.

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