Norwegian development support to education

In 2009 Norway spent 1,7 billion NOK on education, which is 9,2 per cent of the total Norwegian development aid budget.

Tre jenter på vei til skolen i Bangladesh
Photo: G.M.B. Akash

The Norwegian support to eudcation has increased by 1,5 millon NOK from 2008 to 2009.

Distribution of funds

Basic education: 60 per cent
Secondary education: 2 per cent
Higher education: 19 per cet
Education in general (not specified): 19 per cent

Bilateral cooperation education

Afghanistan: 83 million NOK
Bangladesh: 64 million NOK
Nepal: 63 million NOK
Tanzania: 47 million NOK

Main channels for multilateral aid to education

Unicef: 500 million NOK to support education for girls.
Fast Track Initative EFA-FT: 137,5 million NOK
UNESCO: 53 million NOK