Norad has decided to stimulate research aiming at creating new relevant knowledge of high quality on the effects of developing cooperation and humanitarian work carried out by actors in civil society.

A total sum of five million Norwegian kroner has been committed to a pilot program in 2011.

The pilot research program shall contribute to enhancing the cooperation between actors in civil society and research communities.  Actors in civil society include Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), labor unions, organized interest groups, religious and social organizations, education organizations and Diaspora organizations.

For 2011 Norad invites researchers to submit project proposals on the following topics:

  1. Effects of civil society activities that aim at improving the rights of children.
  2. Effects of work done by actors in civil society on sexual and gender based violence in the Great Lakes region.

The aims of the pilot research program are: 

  • Critical, independent research of high quality on themes that are relevant for Norwegian development cooperation channeled through civil society
  • Stimulate cooperation between research institutions and civil society
  • Disseminate research results to civil society in Norway and their partners in the South
  • Use  the civil societies actors’ experience and knowledge  in  the choice of research topics and development of the research project, including research design and data collection 

Communication and dissemination of research results is crucial, including the goal of scientific publication, and the project partners must participate in the process of reporting from the project. Norad may ask for reporting during the research process. Quality of research will be a main criteria for selecting projects.

Who can apply?

  • Research institutions that will cooperate with Norwegian civil society actors that have at least one partner in the South. The project leader must be a researcher, and the application must be supported by the research institution.
  • Research institutions cooperating with researchers in the South will be given priority

Please submit the application to Norad, Department for Civil Society within April 1st 2011.
The application should be no more than four pages long, and contain a project proposal including a description of research question(s), aim, methods, design, time frame,  and possible implications, plan for publication and dissemination of results, description of partners, and a budget. The proposal shall also describe how research ethics will be dealt with and how necessary permissions are or will be obtained.

A CV for the researcher(s) who will be responsible and engaged in the project should be attached to the proposal. As a rule, the total budget for each proposal should not exceed more than NOK 750,000.