Norad’s Grant Schemes for International Organisations and Networks

Norad’s grant schemes for support to international organisations and networks provides support to actors from civil society who through their work methods, knowledge, range of activities and networks complement other channels of Norwegian development cooperation.

The overall purpose of these grants  is to strengthen regional and international organisations and networks’ ability to influence national, regional and international decision-makers in the following areas:

  • Environment and climate change, climate smart agriculture and natural resource management and renewal energy,
  • Transparency in the international financial system, initiatives against illicit financial flows and corruption and increased revenue through taxation
  • Women’s rights and gender equality, including reproductive health and rights and HIV and AIDS
  • Human rights, including freedom of expression and media

There will be no open call for proposals for 2014 since available funding is minimal.

Geographic priorities:

Projects that receive support under the scheme shall be implemented in countries that at any given time are included in the OECD/DAC list of ODA recipients.

Who are our partners:

International non-governmental organisations and networks. To be eligible for support, organisations must have members (organisations, countries or board members) from more than two countries. The programme catchment area need to be more than in one country
In our partnership, Norad gives priority to  international and regional organisations and networks originating in the South.

Grant recipients in 2013