Grant recipients

Grant recipients in 2012

International organisations and networks (chapter post 160.75)

In 2012, NOK 147,5 mill has been allocated to 28 organisations over 30 agreements. This includes support to all the prioritised areas specifically mentioned for this grant scheme in the Proposition to the Norwegian Parliament (St Prop 1S 2011-2012). 37 % of the grant goes to environment, renewable energy, climate and natural resource management; 29 % to reproductive health, including hiv and aids, 22 % to tax, capital flight and anti-corruption; 6,5 % to freedom of expression and human rights and 3 % to gender and women’s participation in decision-making processes. 2,5 % goes to other areas. NOK 10 mill. will be allocated later this year, specifically to climate robust agriculture.

Women and equality (chapter post 168.70)

In 2012, NOK 39 mill has been allocated to 13 regional and international organisations. In accordance with the Proposition to the Norwegian Parliament and the Norwegian Action Plan for Women’s rights and gender equality in Development Cooperation, the following thematic areas are prioritized:

  • 1) Combating violence against women;
  • 2) Sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  • 3) Women’s political rights and empowerment and
  • 4) Gender and climate change. The fifth main area,
  • 5) Women’s economic rights and empowerment are only reached through organisations that are working more generally with women’s rights.

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