The Norwegian Climate and Forest funding to civil society

The Norwegian Climate and Forest funding scheme for civil society is an integrated and strategic component of the Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative ( NICFI ). From 2009 to 2012 Norad has supported 46 projects which have contributed in various ways to the work on REDD+ . In 2013 we entered a second phase of the funding scheme selecting 42 projects out of almost 700 proposed concepts.

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  • UNESCO World Heritage Centre
    Emergency plan for the Rainforests of Atsinanana World Heritage property - Madagascar

    The rainforests of Atsinanana was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2007. In 2009, following the political crisis in the country, the integrity of the property was seriously threatened by a dramatic increase in the illegal exploitation of precious woods. Given the seriousness of these threats the World Heritage Committee inscribed the property on the list of World Heritage in Danger in 2010. 

  • Generelt regnskogbilde
    Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
    Addressing large-scale drivers of deforestation in the Mekong

    The project focus on understanding and addressing large-scale drivers of deforestation from outside the forest sector in the Mekong region, and demonstrating land-use planning for multiple goals at a landscape scale.

  • Generelt regnskogbilde
    Center for Global Development (CGD) and Climate Advisers
    Creating Demand for REDD+

    Conservation of the world’s remaining tropical forests is a crucial and urgent component of reducing the emissions from heat-trapping gases in order to hold the mean global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius, widely regarded as the tipping point beyond which climate change will become rapid and irreversible. It is in the self-interest of rich countries to offer incentives for such forest conservation and advances in remote monitoring using satellite data make it possible to verify compliance, making forest conservation a perfect candidate for pay-for-performance financing. 

  • RECOFTC - Vietnam
    Grassroots capacity building for REDD+ in Asia

    Sustainable and additional global emission reductions from reduced deforestation and forest degradation, social benefits for forest-dependent peoples and environmental benefits for rainforest ecosystems have been achieved.

    International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
    Improving forest governance through independent monitoring in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    This project will contribute to transparent forest governance in tropical forests. The proposed forest governance alliance will provide unprecedented transparency on the actors, causes, and responses to deforestation in DRC. 

  • Generelt regnskogbilde
    European Federation for Transport & Environment (T&E)
    Market Transformation: Shifting Demand to Deforestation-Free Vegetable Oil and Other Commodities

    The overall goal of the project is to  contribute to end deforestation and peatland conversion for palm oil, cutting palm oil related emissions by approximately five gigatons CO2eq per decade.

  • Wetlands International - Wetlands Sustainable peatland livelihoods, fishing at Mentangai river (Marcel Silvius)
    Wetlands International
    Sustainable Peatlands for People and Climate (SPPC)

    The project will plan for sustainable tropical peat swamp landscapes; address emissions, land subsidence and flooding issues.

  • Care - Kalimantan exchange field trip
    CARE Norway
    REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards: supporting countries to develop REDD+ safeguard information systems. (REDD+ SES supporting Safeguard Information Systems)

    This project will support countries in developing REDD+ safeguard information systems (REDD+ SES) through capacity building, technical support and influence on policy and practice.

  • GLOBE International Forest Forum with legislators from Brazil, DRC, Indonesia and Mexico at COP 18, Doha
    GLOBE International
    The GLOBE Legislators’ Forest Initiative (GLFI)

    This project will strengthen legislation and parliamentary scrutiny functions in a group of forested developing countries in support of national REDD+ efforts. 

  • Samdhana Institute - Participatory Mapping
    Perkumpulan Samdhana Institute, Samdhana
    Community Engagement in Low Emissions Development

    The project will assist indigenous peoples, local communities, community based organizations and local NGO`s to participate effectively in REDD+ and climate change mitigation analysis, methodology development and implementation in Indonesia and Myanmar.