Planned evaluations

This page gives and overview of evaluations currently being planned. This includes projects where terms of reference are being developed and evaluations that are put to tender.

Norwegian Evaluations

Joint evaluation of support to capacity development

Support to capacity development constitutes a major component of development cooperation. In cooperation with Sida in Sweden and Danida in Denmark, the Evaluation Department will take a closer look at experiences from support to capacity development. For more information, see Sida's web site below.
Time schedule: Startup 2014
Responsible: Øyvind Eggen

Baseline study of Norwegian aid to Myanmar

Myanmar and Norway are entering into long-term development cooperation, after years of Norwegian engagement in the peace process and support to humanitarian efforts. The main focus is on natural resource management within energy, environment and climate change, and institutional cooperation is a central component of these areas. To ensure quality evaluations of the assistance to a country that has only recently opened up to donors, a collection and analysis of baseline data in selected areas will be commissioned.
Time schedule: Startup March 2014
Responsible: Eva Kløve

Methodological approaches to evaluate support to capacity development

With the view to enter a joint evaluation of capacity development (see description above), this study will assist in choosing the most appropriate methodological approaches when evaluating aid to capacity development.
Time schedule: Startup February 2014
Responsible: Øyvind Eggen
Evaluation team: To be decided

Joint Evaluation of Norwegian Support through the Multilaterals to Basic Education

Norway’s support to education has doubled during the last decade, and a substantial part has been channeled through multilateral actors. The purpose of the evaluation is therefore to generate evidence on the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of Norwegian aid to basic education through the multilateral channel during the past decade (2003-2012). As main recipients of support to basic education, UNICEF and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) will be the object of this evaluation. The countries selected for case studies are Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Pakistan and Zambia.
Time schedule: To be initiated spring 2014
Responsible: Eva Kløve

Results concerning equality and women’s rights

Previous evaluations on gender equality and women’s rights in development, including the mid-term review of the Norwegian Action Plan for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Development Cooperation (2007-2013), have mainly focused on institutional issues and processes. There is little knowledge of and documentation on what happens with the primary target groups in the recipient countries. The focus of this evaluation will be on results.
Time schedule: Time limit for receipt of tenders June 10th 2014 at 13:00 hours (Oslo time)
Responsible: Siv Lillestøl