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  • afghanistanAfghanistan

    Human rights, strengthening the position of women and combating corruption are important areas for Norwegian development aid to Afghanistan. In addition, Norway makes a substantial contribution to humanitarian efforts in the country.

  • bangladeshBangladesh

    Norway contributes to the efforts to prevent natural disasters in Bangladesh. This populous country has a rapidly growing economy, but is highly vulnerable to floods, cyclones and climate change.

  • chinaChina

    China’s growth and influence in the global arena mean that this country is an important partner for Norway. Environment, climate change and welfare development are the main areas for our cooperation with the most populous country on Earth.

  • IndiaIndia

    Norway’s commitment to health in India has contributed to an increased focus on maternal and child health. Child mortality in one of the world’s most populous countries has been reduced by 46 per cent since 1990.

  • IndonesiaIndonesia

    The world’s third largest democracy has set out to become the world’s tenth largest economy by 2025. Norwegian development cooperation includes help to save Indonesia’s rainforests.

  • MyanmarMyanmar

    In the past ten years there has been a major increase in Norwegian aid to Myanmar. Emergency relief and humanitarian work have been important keywords; but more long-term development cooperation is now taking over.

  • nepalNepal

    Thousands have gained access to electricity from Norwegian supported micro power plants, and 91 per cent of all children are now starting school in Nepal.

  • pakistanPakistan

    Pakistan is important to Norway through strong interpersonal relationships, business connections and development cooperation.

  • sri_lankaSri Lanka

    National reconciliation and reconstruction are important key words for Norway’s work in Sri Lanka.

  • Timor LesteTimor-Leste

    A petroleum fund established according to the Norwegian model is one of the results of Norwegian development cooperation with East Timor.