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  • AngolaAngola

    Norwegian development cooperation with the oil nation Angola has contributed to greater transparency on spending and fair distribution

  • burundiBurundi

    The aim of Norwegian aid is to contribute to stability and education after many years of civil war and conflict. Many things have improved in recent years, but there are many challenges in one of the world's poorest countries.

  • etiopiaEthiopia

    Food security for 12 million people has improved after Norway provided long-term support for forestry and agricultural management in the Bale Eco-region. In addition, work to prevent the circumcision of women and children has shown good results.

  • GhanaGhana

    Norway's petroleum expertise is very important in a country that has seen significant economic growth in recent years. In 2013, an environmental assessment of the impact of oil and gas production was completed.

  • KenyaKenya

    The election in Kenya in 2013 was accompanied by considerable tension. For Norway the peaceful implementation of this election was the most important result of the development cooperation of that year.

  • liberiaLiberia

    Norway will provide several hundred million Norwegian kroner for the development of hydropower in Liberia in the coming years. Work to develop renewable energy and improve access to electricity is in full swing.

  • madagascarMadagascar

    There were crucial elections in 2013. Norway provided funding for their execution, in addition to contributing further to education.

  • Flagg MalawiMalawi

    The planting of over seven million trees, better conditions for convicts serving sentences, improved maternal and child health and subsidies for smallholders are some of the results of Norway's support.

  • maliMali

    The coup d'état and conflict made development cooperation and humanitarian work difficult in Mali in 2012. Most of the aid was frozen after the coup. In 2013, a successful election for a new president was held, and aid resumed after the election.

  • mozambiqueMozambique

    Mozambique has experienced a surge of economic growth in recent years, but from a very low point of departure, and poverty has unfortunately not been reduced commensurately. Norwegian development cooperation is helping to equip the country to manage its enormous natural resources.