Norway in the world

Latin America’s economic engine, Brazil, was for the third consecutive year the country to receive most Norwegian aid in 2012. Not surprisingly, number two and three are Afghanistan and Palestine which received 735 and 623 million NOK respectively in aid from Norway last year. The figure for aid in 2013 will be around 30 billion NOK.

Norwegian aid in millions

The country pages provide a short overview of Norway’s cooperation with 40 of the countries that received aid in 2012. The pages are based on results reporting by the embassies and mainly focus on bilateral aid. Assistance was given for long-term cooperation as well as humanitarian work, peace building measures and cooperation for research and business. The figure for aid in 2012 was 27.8 billion NOK. If you would like a historical overview of Norway’s efforts, you can find more information on Norad’s statistics portal Norwegian Aid Statistics.

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