Tenders from Norad

Competition tenders for framework agreements will be published singly and successively on Doffin /TED as well as on this site.

Please note that identifying new areas where Norad wants to establish new framework agreements is and will remain an ongoing process. All the above-mentioned specific contract tenders will also be published on this site and Doffin/TED when this is required by Norwegian public procurement regulation.

List of published tenders (TED)

(RSS-feed: http://ted.europa.eu/TED/rss/CustomRSSFeedGenerator/72406/en)

Business announcements

This list provides information on tender notices, contract awards and planned programmes/projects financed or co-financed by Norad, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassies, or other development partners.

Even though the list will be updated on a regular basis, Norad can not be held legal responsible for incorrect information. As a potential supplier you are always advised to contact the Executing Agency or the Procurement/Tender Body for the latest updates.

In addition, it is recommended to follow tender information on www.doffin.no and www.ted.europa.eu